Hoard of the Dragon Queen (customized)

Attack on Greenest


The party's first glimpse of Greenest was a scene of a dragon attack supported by cultists and dragon dogs. The party entered the town and made it to the keep while defeating cultists and dragon dogs all while rescuing several townsfolk. Once in the Keep, the party met Escobert the Red and Governor Nighthill. The party located an old tunnel out of the keep where they stopped an evil ritual that was "cleansing" the townsfolk for consumption by the cult of the dragon. Once back inside the Keep, the blue dragon, began attacking soldiers and managed to kill 40 guards in the process. Before being driven away by the party, Escobert the Red sacrificed his life by absorbing a deadly blast of dragon breath to protect the entire party from certain death. The party then helped secure the sally port to the Keep from invading cultists and are now hoping for a reprieve from the action to recover a bit…



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